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buy gold from reviews thersgold Don’t buy from they ripped me off Internet

My son play the internet game runescpae. I paid for make belive gold for Runescape.They were supposed to give us the money but it’s a totaly fake and setup just to take your money. It will take months to dispute it with my bank. present you with excuses like “our paypal is just not functioning appropriate now” or “‘im sorry just lately our paypal has some difficulties, it doesnt function effectively, as a result we cant acknowledge payment from paypal now, would you plz consider to pay out by means of western union and we are able to offer you further bonus. we’re sorry to the inconvenience however.”
The denial of services commences :three get pleasure from it irritating chinese lady about the cellphone.

Still, had me waiting for over 24 hours. Then told me to wait 6 more hours, unacceptable. Then they told me they weren’t going to give me the money or the gold.
Again, unacceptable.

who is

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4 Responses to reviews

  1. james says:

    bought money from this website did not recieve within the time limit they offer , they did not contact me to tell me my money was in , in the end had to cancel the transaction via the bank after being told that i need to pay more money before i got a refund , do not use the website ever , they do not have a clue what they are doing , QUICK WAY TO LOOSE YOUR REAL MONEY

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is my exact conversation with the Live Support team on
    [Leshane] Hello! How may I help you?
    [Visitor] PLEASE HELP ME, I paid with PayPal and I can’t pay with western union until I get a refund because I have no money left. If you give me a refund right now I will pay with western union. PLEASE HELP ME
    [Visitor] **************
    [Leshane] sorry , we will refund u after u pay wu ,and give u gold :)
    [Visitor] but I can’t pay with western union because I have no money :(
    [Visitor] I spent all my money on paypal for gold through your website
    [Visitor] Please, I promise I will use western union right after you refund me
    [Leshane] sorry for trouble u , :)
    [Leshane] our company make this rule :0
    [Visitor] what am i supposed to do Leshane?

    This is unacceptable, they are scamming people out of their money including me, I am currently waiting on a western union code in the mail so that I can use WU, how do I know that they will stick to their word and refund my money and give me my gold?

  3. Timmy says:

    They scammed me too! Do not give them money! They claim that there paypal is not working and try to get you to pay once again and use western union. SCAM! Should be shut down for internet fraud! UNACCEPTABLE!

  4. matt says:

    This place is the biggest scam i have every seen… do NOT use them. I made the mistake of using them and I didn’t look up reviews like a fool. They always say “sorry supplier is not online come back in hours” I ordered 65 hours ago and never got my gold. I am a fool is all I can say. DO NOT I SAY AGAIN DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! They will not issue a refund either.

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